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Google recently updated its search results page, beefing up the left column and adding other features.  For a while now, search results have been returning the top two results for “Did you mean…” when searching for many combinations of obscure, misspelled, and odd forms of words.  In the newest redesign, the unstemmed results for the original search for these types of words are now listed below the “Did you mean..” results.  A nice touch as it gives a view of the unstemmed results without having to use the ‘+’ operator.  Result counts have been changed, too, showing just a count of results and the time it took to run the query (i.e. About 839,000 results (0.37 seconds)).  Nice and simplified, But, it breaks Unthunk, so whacking is offline for now until I can update the code.

Update: Google’s move to using JavaScript to retrieve search results, while making Google much more robust and responsive, means Googlewhacking at Unthunk has been permanently retired. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can still view the thunklist and stats at http://whack.unthunk.com.

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